Not all escorts are dippy blondes

Like most girls who make a career choice, I was looking for a soft option if you like. I did not want to work too hard. Instead I wanted to have some fun, and not take life so seriously all of the time. Our family was full of hopeless academics, and I was not sure that I wanted to go down that route at all. Sure I was smart enough but I also wanted to socialize, I can’t really say that I can live without a social life. According to South London escorts of


It was not only that. My family did not have a lot of money, and it was clear that I would have to take out a loan to study. It was during this time I came across an interesting article in a paper. It was all about escorting, and how this girl had got her money together for her degree by working for South London escorts. It gave me an idea. I did not want to end up struggling like the rest of my family, so  decided to approach South London escorts.


To my surprise, they offered me a position rather right away, and I was soon escorting gents in South London. I don’t know what happened but I seemed to end up with rather posh gents. They seemed to enjoy my company, and I soon became known as the posh girl at South London escorts. However, escorting was not as easy I thought, and I ended up working rather long hours. Still it made sense to me, and I could see my bank balance building up. It was clear that I had made the right career choice.


A couple of years went past, and I guess my family was wondering what was happening to that discussed university career. They did not know anything about South London escorts, nor was I about to tell them. I am not sure that they would have cared actually. When I spoke to them all they talked about was my failure to find a university in either Oxford or Cambridge. I did not care anymore and was not about to give escorting. It was one of those jobs you could socialise in, and enjoy. I was not sure if my family actually enjoyed their jobs.


After about ten years with South London escorts, I did take a career break. It was around this time when I finally realised what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I went to business school, and then trained to be a QC. Today, when I stand in court, I look around and realise that I have come along way. It is fun, and when you are QC, you can get up to all sorts of things on the side. You know that escort with the pink hair you are dating – well guess what she does for a living when she is not looking after you.

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