Sex With A Stranger

Winnie is going through a hard time due to the demise of her hubby. She had been in the good company of her hubby, but now she isn’t. She usually goes out with her friends during weekends to kill the boredom. At times her friends are busy with their families and thus have no time to accommodate her. So she goes to the parks and cinema alone in the hope of finding new friends. Winnie is also welcoming the idea of a rebound or even a lover.

On this Saturday afternoon, she is just from the movie when she crushes on a dude at the bus stop. The dude also has a crush on her and looks at her a few times. They board the same bus and share a seat. The dude is confident enough to approach Winnie and tell her that his name is Keith. They hold a conversation that lasts for minutes. They get time to talk as the traffic is heavy in the city. Winnie expresses her loneliness while Keith tells her that he is in the city for his holiday.

Just as they were about to bid each other goodbye, Keith requests Winnie to join him at the hotel. Winnie agrees and they proceed to the room. The two are holding each other’s hand as they proceed to Keith’s room at the hotel. Once they get to the hotel room, things escalate so quickly. The two start kissing wildly while undressing each other. Winnie has missed this for some time, and thus she gets aroused too quickly. Keith is an energetic guy who doesn’t leave anything to chance. He drives the lady so crazy within no time. He is soon on her breasts sucking them, kissing her belly and lower abdomen, and later going down on Winnie. Winnie is panting by now and yearning for the dick.

Keith quickly takes off his boxers and directs his stiff dick to Winnie’s pussy. He proceeds to make a penetration that makes Winnie scream. Winnie can’t believe this is happening to her. Here she is having sex with someone who is practically a stranger to her. She lays weak in bed as she enjoys the pleasure. Keith is now on top of her making thrusts in quick succession. Winnie reaches orgasm so fast as Keith has a big sized dick that is rubbing her clit so well. Soon Keith makes a cum that Winnie enjoys as it drains. The two take a break before getting to round two.

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